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„Wine in Moderation“ programos naujienos:


NO proven positive effect of wine on covid-19

NO proven positive effect of wine on covid-19

Media outlets have recently been publishing articles that wine could have a positive effect on Covid-19.

Although a moderate and responsible consumption of wine can contribute to better hygiene of the oral cavity and the pharynx (the area where viruses nest during infections), at this time we can NOT extrapolate from this that it protects/works against Covid-19.

In fact, there is currently NO scientific evidence showing that wine can have a positive effect on Covid-19.

What we can say is, recommend following governmental guidelines, stay home, stay safe, share some valuable moments with your family and friends, whether it is face to face or through digital means, enjoy a glass of wine alongside your meal and in moderation :-) – take it one day at a time and help flatten the curve wherever you are in the world !

Stay safe,

The Wine in Moderation Secretariat