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Wine in Moderation News
Nyheter från föreningen


Wine in Moderation members discuss future of the Programme

Wine in Moderation members discuss future of the Programme

The Wine in Moderation members and partners gathered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, last 27 and 28 May 2019, to review the upcoming strategy about the future of the Wine in Moderation programme. The important discussions which took place look to seize the critical mass of actors linked to Wine in Moderation to address today's challenging environments.

Efforts will be reinforced to inspire wine professionals to become active ambassadors of the Wine in Moderation message by raising their knowledge and skills. Innovative tools and examples of good practices will be developed alongside opportunities to take tangible and relevant actions to help their customers make informed decisions, share and enjoy wine in a caring and sustainable way.

Clear and simple messages will be shared through real-life wine experiences created by wine tourism, helping both wine tourists enjoy responsibly and the wine regions’ communities capture value from the raising flows of wine tourism.

KVNW & Wim over wijn

Our presence in The Netherlands was also a great opportunity to learn more about the important activities developed in the country by our national coordinator KVNW. Their multichannel campaign “Wim over wijn” has proven to be a great way to reach out to professionals and consumers providing useful tips on moderate and responsible drinking. With a strong focus on sustainability, our Dutch member also helped us take some sustainable steps by using public transportation to travel through the city of Amsterdam.

Lastly, Peter de Wolf director of STIVA was also invited to present this Dutch initiative and their active contribution to promoting responsible alcohol consumption and responsible alcohol advertising (e.g. self-regulation, drink & drive campaigns BOB, communication campaigns, etc.).