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Wine in Moderation News
Initiativ från medlemmar


Wine in Moderation in Colombia with ASOVINOS

Wine in Moderation in Colombia with ASOVINOS

Many believe that wine is a product of culture and therefore when exporting wine, a wine company or a wine producing country is not exporting a product but also the culture and the lifestyle associated with it.

ASOVINOS, the national association that brings together the wine importers of Colombia, clearly shares this belief. Since its creation their efforts have been focused on developing a wine culture in Colombia that will take the best from the different wine producing countries and will integrate it in a positive and sustainable way in the needs and cultural identities of the fast-evolving Colombian society.

This is why ASOVINOS, with the leadership of Luz Maria Gonzalez de Bedout, and with the strong commitment of the member companies, joined Wine in Moderation in the summer of 2018.

With ASOVINOS’ great ambition to establish a sustainable culture of wine in Colombia, they organised the first wine responsible week looking to launch the national Wine in Moderation programme and raise knowledge and understanding about wine and balanced lifestyles.

Asovinos Wine in Moderation launch - House of the Ambassador of Argentina
The impressive launch that took place in Bogota on the 06/05/19 in the House of the Ambassador of Argentina, with the participation of Ambassadors from 5 different countries members of the Wine in Moderation Programme (Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and France), Colombian authorities representatives, members of the press and key opinion leaders; was indeed an excellent opportunity to introduce the Wine in Moderation concept and the objectives of ASOVINOS as national coordinator to help people appreciate the best of wine without the negatives of excess.

“Disfruta lo mejor de tomar, sin lo malo de excederte"

Asovinos & Wine in Moderation

Click on image to watch video

ASOVINOS’ President Luz Maria Gonzalez de Bedout mentioned: “We know there is a lot of work to be done. We all drive along the same roads. We all look for opportunities to enjoy the good things in life. We all want the best for our families and communities. It is up to all of us to intelligently promote responsible consumption.

We are able to do this and at the same time show that the responsible consumption of wine is not only a sign of sophistication, distinction and good taste, but it can also be part of pleasant and memorable social experiences, through the delight and the pairing, so boost gastronomy and tourism in our country.”*

But the launch activities did not stop in the capital city of BOGOTA; they also moved to Medellin and the beautiful roof top of DISLICORES (ASOVINOS’ founding member) for an event with a Mediterranean taste. The event hosted more than 150 people among whom high representatives of the wine market, regional authorities and chefs, restaurant owners and members of the press.

During the responsible wine week, four big professional trainings were organised addressing retailers and hospitality professionals and covering wine and health, responsible service and offer, self-regulation and social responsibility to help raise knowledge and skills of key professionals.

The responsible week and the launch of Wine in Moderation was highly covered by national media with interviews on TV and radio, articles in online and offline media and social media campaigns.

An additional action that further underlines the motivation of ASOVINOS to change attitudes towards alcohol was the visit to Zone 13, an area of the city of Medellin that has been troubled by crime, drugs and the abuse of alcohol. The team of ASOVINOS visited the zone and its people introducing a different way of consuming alcoholic beverages, making responsible choices, drinking slowly with meals and good company and caring about others. Asovinos in Zona 13, Medellin

Wine in Moderation (WiM) Association director, Stylianos Filopoulos, had the opportunity to participate and support the launch and the responsible week. He said “Colombia is a beautiful country with very friendly and kind people. It is a great pleasure to see the passion and commitment of the local wine professionals to share the culture of wine in a positive and caring way. ASOVINOS’ capacity and commitment can lead wine market sustainably to new heights.”

Learn more about ASOVINOS and their members on their website www.asovinos.co and discover ASOVINOS’ very comprehensive self-regulation code.

Thank you ASOVINOS ! Thank you Colombia !

* Translated by the author. Original quote in Spanish: “Sabemos que hay mucho trabajo por hacer. Todos conducimos por los mismos caminos. Todos buscamos ocasiones para disfrutar de las cosas buenas de la vida. Todos queremos lo mejor para nuestras familias y comunidades. Depende de todos nosotros promover inteligentemente el consumo responsable.

Somos capaces de hacerlo y a la vez de mostrar que el consumo responsable de vino no sólo es señal de sofisticación, distinción y buen gusto, sino que también puede hacer parte de experiencias sociales agradables y memorables, a través del deleite y el maridaje, para así impulsar la gastronomía y el turismo en nuestro país.”