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Wine in Moderation News


Alliance Wine partners with Wine in Moderation

Alliance Wine partners with Wine in Moderation

PRESS RELEASE - Brussels, 12/01/2024 – Wine in Moderation continues to welcome new members from around the world. A new Partner has joined the movement for a sustainable culture of wine showing the important commitment of the sector to encourage the moderate and responsible consumption of wine among professionals and consumers.

One of the leading wine importers to the UK, but also with some production in Australia, Spain, France and Chile, Alliance Wine is the latest actor to join Wine in Moderation as a Partner. The company puts a particular emphasis on wineries that take a sustainable approach; taking part in the sector’s social sustainability programme was thus the next logical step. Through their partnership with Wine in Moderation, Alliance Wine will focus on including the Wine in Moderation message in its communication, but also educating their employees on what moderate consumption entails.

Sandro Sartor, President of Wine in Moderation said, "We are very happy to welcome such a major wine importing company from the UK as Wine in Moderation Partner, especially considering their focus on sustainable wineries. With the core purpose to promoting the sustainable culture of wine, it is our mission to provide wine professionals with the information and tools to responsibly present wine, and to inspire consumers to fully enjoy wine and its culture in a balanced, positive, and convivial way. Something we share with Alliance Wine.” He continued, “We look very much forward to start working together to reach our common goals to encourage moderate and responsible drinking. “

Fergal Tynan MW, Chief Executive of Alliance Wine commented, "Wine in Moderation’s mission to raise awareness and knowledge about responsible drinking patterns, inspiring consumers to enjoy wine and its culture in a healthy, positive and convivial way resonates with all of Alliance’s core values. Having long admired the programme and the quality of its output we are delighted and honoured to be joining today."

The Wine in Moderation programme was launched in 2008 and has been sharing the culture of wine ever since, with the goal to educate and empower consumers and professionals alike about moderate and responsible wine consumption in the frame of balanced lifestyle. The Programme is composed of a large network of member organisations, Partners, and Supporters from around the world showing the ever-important commitment of the sector to responsible and moderate drinking patterns while working for a sustainable culture of wine.


Wine in Moderation Aisbl

Alliance Wine

Secretary General: Nadia Frittella

Ε. [email protected]

Oenology & Sustainability Manager:  Marta Juega Rivera

E.   [email protected]