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31 OCTOBER 2019

DWA Seminar on Self-Regulation

The Deutsche Weinakademie organises seminar on responsible advertising of wine

Mid-October, the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) organised an advertising seminar in Mainz, Germany. The speakers Ms. Katja Heintschel von Heinegg (German Advertising Standards Council) and Dr. Claudia Stein-Hammer (DWA) informed actors of the wine sector and advertising experts how to plan and implement responsible wine advertising.

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Wine in moderation Activities
from around the world

WeWine: a new type of event in Argentina
03-04 October 2019

The first edition of WeWine, the wine festival for millennials organised by Bodegas de Argentina with La Rural, was held on 3 and 4 October 2019. The event merged the best wine has to offer with, among others, different gastronomic proposals, live music, DJ sessions, experimental art, guided tastings with specialists and a gourmet market. Wine experts from Argentina proposed interactive games through mobile devices, with trivia and contests whose winners were awarded with tickets for exclusive tastings, bottles of wine, and courses. The Wine in Moderation message was disseminated in a creative way, incorporating simple tips for a moderate consumption of wine. In addition, the concept of "Wine in Moderation" was also experienced through the delivery of water vouchers and the presence of permanent hydration stations.
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2019 Hungarian National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair
OMÉK 2019 – Wine in Moderation at the Hungarian National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair
26-29 September 2019

The National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair (OMÉK) is the largest and oldest agricultural event in Hungary, with rich traditions and more than a hundred years of history. The 79th edition took place in Budapest between 26-29 September 2019 at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.
HNT was also present at OMÉK and took the opportunity to promote the Wine in Moderation programme to all visitors, distributing Wine in Moderation leaflets, bracelets and balloons.
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Master of Port 2019

Wine in Moderation President as a member of the Jury of the 18th Master of Port

21 October 2019

The 18th edition of the Master of Port took place on 21 October at the Embassy of Portugal in Paris, in the presence of the Ambassador of Portugal in France, Mr. Jorge Torres-Perreira. The 4 Presidents and members of the Jury raised Gaëtan BOUVIER to the rank of Master of Port.
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Wine in Moderation at FEV Wine in Moderation at FEV’s Marketing & Communication Committee
04 October 2019

Wine in Moderation was in Madrid early October for the Marketing & Communication Committee meeting of the Spanish Wine Federation to present the latest developments of the Programme and discuss on future actions and commitments. During his intervention, Wine in Moderation director, Stylianos Filopoulos, introduced the new Brand Strategy approved earlier this year; and some of the projects, materials and toolkits that will be developed in the coming months to further support Wine in Moderation actions.
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UPCOming actions

Melting Gastronomy Summit

First international gastronomy summit in Portugal invites Wine in Moderation

14 - 16 November 2019

Wine in Moderation will be at the Melting Gastronomy Summit (14-16 November) in Porto, Portugal. The first international gastronomy summit in Portugal, Melting will feature an open discussion about food and wine, talking about sensations, experiences, trends, and discoveries with some of the best chefs, producers, critics, and winemakers in the world. The Melting Gastronomy Summit is a perfect environment for Wine in Moderation to feature the message of CHOOSE|SHARE|CARE to professionals and wine & food lovers.
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Wine in Moderation at the "Prohibition, 1919-2019" Symposium
05 - 09 November 2019

2019 marks the 100 years of the prohibition in the United States. In this occasion, the Institut « Georges Chappaz de la vigne et du vin en Champagne » and the University of Reims, a Wine in Moderation Observer, will be organising an international symposium “Prohibition, 1919-2019” to address a number of themes linked to this historical period: law, history, economics, ethics & consumption. Stylianos Filopoulos, Director of Wine in Moderation, has been invited to participate as a speaker during the closing session on wine consumption.
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4th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism
04 - 06 December 2019

Following the success of the past 3 editions of the UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism, the 4th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism will take place on 4-6 December in Valle de Colchagua, Chile organised in collaboration with the Government of Chile.
Wine in Moderation joined the UNWTO as affiliate member in 2018 to support sustainability by promoting responsible wine tourism experiences. Wines of Chile and Enoturismo Chile, already actively involved in promoting Wine in Moderation in their actions, will continue to do so by supporting the organisation of the conference.

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These articles are based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the Wine Information Council web database.

The impact of moderate wine consumption on human health

Two recent publications have reviewed the scientific evidence concerning the effects/impact of moderate wine consumption on human health. One paper(1) gathered strong scientific arguments in favor of a low and moderate wine consumption as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle with special consideration of the wine-derived polyphenols. The other review(2) summarised the accumulated evidence correlating moderate red wine consumption with prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD) and focused on the different mechanisms underlying this relationship……
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Combined cancer risk from alcoholic beverages and smoking – moderate wine drinkers with an advantage?

The researchers examined the individual and synergistic effects of the modifiable lifestyle factors of smoking and drinking on overall and site-specific cancer risk…..
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Moderate wine consumption during adolescense and long-term weight gain

This prospective Danish study examined the influence of wine consumption during adolescence on the weight gain until midlife…
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Wine in Moderation
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October 2019







The Future of EU Viticulture, Blending Sustainable Growth with Market Leadership, Brussels, Belgium
Melting Gastronomy Summit, Porto, Portugal
06 14-16

An immersion in the Period of the Prohibition of America in the 20's.
Reims, France


4th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism, Valle de Colchagua, Chile

05-09 04-06

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