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03 OCTOBER 2019

Porto Wine Day 2019

The annual celebration of Port Wine – another successful edition

As previous editions, the Porto Wine Day® took place on 10 September for the annual celebration of Port Wine. 5,000 people participated at the three main events that constituted the sixth edition of the Porto Wine Day. AEVP disseminated material of the Wine in Moderation national campaign throughout the whole programme and more specifically during the Port Wine Day Sunset Party. ~2000 collectible postcards, with fun phrases, cool colours and Pop Art inspired images were handed out together with a Comic Strip leaflet and also cup bases with a QR Code leading to the website www.wineinmoderation.com, where tips on how to enjoy wine moderately

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Expovinos 2019

ASOVINOS continues its education spree

September 2019

Since it joined Wine in Moderation, ASOVINOS has been focusing intensely on educating professionals on responsible wine consumption. Two training session were recently organised in cooperation with Dislicores, an associate of Asovinos, determined to inform consumers on how to enjoy wine in moderation and responsibly.
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UNWTO 23rd General Assembly

Wine in Moderation participates at UNWTO GA in Saint Petersburg

9-11 September 2019

As affiliate member of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Wine in Moderation had the pleasure to participate at the 41st UNWTO Affiliate Members Plenary Session and at the 23rd General Assembly which took place last September in Saint Petersburg.
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Munskankarna elects Barbaresco as wine city of the year 2019

Munskänkarna elects Barbaresco as 2019 Wine City of the Year

September 2019

As every year, the Swedish wine consumer club Munskänkarna elects the “Wine City of the Year” to promote and encourage local development and achievements. The locality of Barbaresco is the lucky winner of the 2019 edition. The event has become a much-appreciated statement of quality for the local wines of the celebrated geographical region but also highlights the idea of choosing better quality wines to enjoy them sensibly, a central value for Munskänkarna.
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UPCOming actions

Melting Gastronomy Summit

First international gastronomy summit in Portugal invites Wine in Moderation

14 - 16 November 2019

Wine in Moderation will be at the Melting Gastronomy Summit (14-16 November) in Porto, Portugal. The first international gastronomy summit in Portugal, Melting will feature an open discussion about food and wine, talking about sensations, experiences, trends, and discoveries with some of the best chefs, producers, critics, and winemakers in the world. The Melting Gastronomy Summit is a perfect environment for Wine in Moderation to feature the message of CHOOSE|SHARE|CARE to professionals and wine & food lovers.
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These articles are based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the Wine Information Council web database.

The J-curve – an ongoing debate: a scientific fact or justified doubts?

Scientists have recently entered the scientific debate to discuss previous and current criticisms of the J-shaped curve between wine/alcohol consumption and lower total mortality risk…..
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Moderate drinkers better self-rate their health

A J-shaped relationship between long-term moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and self-rated health was found in the Stockholm Public Health Cohort…
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Can moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages contribute to longevity?

In this Health and Retirement Study (HRS), moderate drinkers of middle and older ages had a lower mortality rate compared to lifetime abstainers...
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Master of Port 2019

Paris, France
An immersion in the Period of the Prohibition of America in the 20's.
Reims, France
21 07-09

The Future of EU Viticulture, Blending Sustainable Growth with Market Leadership, Brussels, Belgium


Melting Gastronomy Summit, Porto, Portugal

06 14-16

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