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Euro-Toques International (ETI), den europeiska kockorganisationen består av 2000 kockar från hela världen. Dess internationella kontor samordnar ett nätverk av 17 nationella kontor. Alla medlemmar i Euro-Toques engagerar sig i främjandet av kvalitet och kulinariska traditioner i varje land och delar av Europa.

Toques d'Or International

rue du Luxembourg 66

1100 Brussels
From 11/10/2011 to 11/10/2011
WIM and Euro-Toques: an Alliance between Gastronomy and Wine
Repeating the success of 2007 and 2008, the official reception of the Open Days was organised by Euro-Toques, the European Community of Cooks. It was held at the head office of the Committee of the Regions, in Brussels, on October 11th 2011, and was the chance for chefs to promote quality, artisanal, local, traditional and flavoured food products. [...]
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