What about alcohol-free wines?

27 November 2017 - 27 November 2017
Location: the Netherlands
Organizer: Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Wijnhandelaren - KVNW

Country: Netherlands

KVNW’s Wine in Moderation campaign “Wim over Wijn” is shaping a sustainable wine culture in The Netherlands. Wim is the virtual character of the campaign and is always curious to learn more about wine and its culture.

In collaboration with the magazine “Voeding Nu” - a magazine about food, and food ingredients - KVNW’s Wim over Wijn organised a blind tasting of de-alcoholised wine products. Consisting of dieticians, people working in the food sector (research, restaurants, sports), or who have an extra interest in food, the tasting panel aimed at understanding this emerging category: are they drinkable? what do they taste like? how are they made? can they complete a meal?

Specialised in taste, Bob Cramwinkel, explained that people usually look to confirm what they think it should taste like. 27 wines, mostly alcohol-free wines, were tasted blind in order to avoid the influence of the grape varieties, colour, alcohol content, etc. And conclusions proved overall positive; taste was characterised by a sweeter perception, a different mouth feeling, and the sensation that it is indeed not what we call a regular wine, but belongs to another category.

No matter the category, they could be suitable for occasions in which you should avoid alcoholic beverages, pregnant woman or people driving, and KVNW expects to see an increase in quality and a market growth. An article about the tasting was published in the December edition of “Voeding Nu”.

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