Portugal strengthens its activities towards professional education

27 April 2016 - 27 April 2016
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Organizer: Associação de Vinhos e Espirituosas de Portugal - ACIBEV

Country: Portugal

In the frame of the training programme “Responsible service creates Sustainable Business”, ACIBEV organised a training action on 27 April in Lisbon. Aimed at professionals, the training was attended by Members of the Portuguese association together with ViniPortugal and the Bartenders Association of Lisbon.

The training programme reviewed topics such as the legislation in force for consumption and alcohol service; the impact of alcohol on the body; how to face possible issues when serving alcohol, etc.

The responsible training programme “Responsible service creates sustainable business” was launched in 2014 as a joint effort between ACIBEV and APHORT, with the support of Sogrape Vinhos and ViniPortugal. The project aims to promote moderate and responsible consumption and to reduce alcohol-related harm by educating owners, managers, professionals, bartenders and sommeliers on the concepts of moderation and responsibility. The initiative's goal is to minimise the damage caused by excessive consumption and/or early alcohol consumption and develop a strategy that facilitates responsible sales.

2015 saw the beginning of the implementation of the educational programme. Dissemination activities (workshops, information campaigns/awareness) and training actions were held.

Furthermore, a Collaboration Protocol related to Responsible Service of Alcoholic Beverage was also signed between ACIBEV and ViniPortugal in March 2016.

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