ACIBEV launches new large-scale Wine in Moderation campaign on TV and cinemas

11 October 2018 - 05 December 2018
Organizer: Associação de Vinhos e Espirituosas de Portugal - ACIBEV

Country: Portugal

A new social responsibility campaign calling for a responsible and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages is airing in Portugal.

This year, the new spot will be broadcasted on two different media channels: cinemas and television. From 11 to 24 October and from 22 November to 5 December, the 30" spot will be aired in over 46 NOS cinema complexes or 290 screens all over Portugal, and is estimated to reach a total of 41 020 views.

From 25 October to 21 November, a shorter 20” spot will also be broadcasted on two TV channels (SIC and SIC Notícias), between 22h30 and 00h30, for a total of 70 spots.

As national coordinator, ACIBEV is responsible for implementing the Wine in Moderation programme in Portugal through actions that encourages a healthy lifestyle by focusing on the importance of moderate wine consumption. Among these, a number of already existing TV and cinema campaigns, always broadcasted around celebration periods, professional education, etc.

Through these initiatives, ACIBEV aims to help young people and adults to make responsible decisions about consumption and reduce/prevent alcohol-related abuse and harm.

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