Campaign Quien Sabe Beber, Sabe Vivir in its 3rd year

11/12/2014, Madrid, Spain - The third year of the Spanish campaign QUIEN SABE BEBER, SABE VIVIR was presented during a press conference attended by several members of the authorities, celebrities and journalists. The campaign which is an initiative of the wine Spanish sector relies on the support and financing of the Spanish Department of Agriculture, Supply (Food) and Environment and of the European Commission. This three-year programme has the primary aim of increasing knowledge on how to appreciate wine in moderation, highlighting its value in our society, culture, landscape and the Mediterranean diet.

The General Secretary of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Carlos Cabanas, the President of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV), Javier Pagés, and the President of the Spanish Consortium of Wine Regulation Councils (CECRV), Amancio Moyano introduced the new activities of the campaign for this third and final year, highlighting the relevance of this initiative for the whole of Spanish wine sector.

Together with them, two Spanish celebrities joined the event, as they are two of the campaign’s ambassadors for this third year: Carlos Latre (actor, comedian and TV star) and Gisela (singer). Both showed their support to the campaign, helping out on a voluntarily basis to further spread the messages of responsibility and moderate wine drinking.

The book “50 Tapas to enjoy wine”, edited recently, was one of the main new activities presented during the press conference. More than 30 renowned Spanish chefs have also joined this initiative, providing one of their personal “tapas” recipes along with a suggestion of wine-pairing.

This campaign will keep on going for the next year, trying to reach the Spanish population with the message of the moderation.

The Spanish Federation of Wine (FEV) has taken part in the initiative with the support and co-financing of the Spanish Consortium of Wine Regulation Councils (CECRV). Both entities represent the sector, including wine companies and Spanish Names of Origin.

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