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Wine in Moderation News
Press Release


Wine in Moderation signs partnership with VINEXPOSIUM

Wine in Moderation signs partnership with VINEXPOSIUM

Press Release – Paris, 14 February 2024: Wine in Moderation is thrilled to sign a new Partnership agreement with Vinexposium and is present at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris with a stand for the very first time.

Wine in Moderation, the international social sustainability programme of the wine sector, and Vinexposium, one of the leading trade fairs for wine and spirits, will work together to raise awareness about the importance of moderation. Both parties are committed to making this partnership a long-lasting one and hope to continue working together towards a sustainable future for the wine sector.

"We are delighted to be in Paris today to sign this important partnership with one of the leaders in wine trade fairs. We are convinced that this partnership will help us reach even more professionals and we look forward to working together to continue sharing the message of moderation. Collaborating with the largest trade fairs in Europe and around the world is pivotal to achieve our vision for a sustainable culture of wine.", said Sandro Sartor, President of Wine in Moderation.

"In these times of economic flux and environmental concerns, the wine and spirits sector is actively evolving. This transformation underscores our commitment to progress and the importance of unity, curiosity, and moderation. Our collaboration with Wine in Moderation, a key player in promoting responsible wine consumption, marks a significant step in this journey. The Vinexposium group is proud to work alongside such an organization, advancing a sustainable wine culture." states Rodolphe Lameyse, CEO of Vinexposium.

After ProWein & Vinitaly in 2023, Wine in Moderation is very happy to be present with a stand at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris for the very first time. Water is available at the Wine in Moderation stand where we also host a range of interactive activities and have all the information about the programme and how to join the movement.

"We warmly encourage all attendees to visit the Wine in Moderation stand located in Hall 2.2, J.180 and join our efforts to encourage responsible and moderate wine consumption," said Sartor. 

Wine in Moderation's National Coordinator in France, Vin & Société, is also present at the stand, informing French wine professionals about the different tools available to promote responsible drinking.

"We are very happy with this partnership that also reflects the unfailing commitment of the French wine sector to responsible consumption. Vin & Société has always stood in favour of moderation, through concrete actions, communication campaigns, etc. Today we see the tangible results of this long-lasting commitment: a very large majority of French people respect the drinking guidelines set by the health authorities, and thus combine the pleasure of drinking wine and attention to their well-being.” said Krystel Lepresle, Director of Vin & Société.

Wine in Moderation is committed to promoting responsible and moderate wine consumption as a way to enhance the enjoyment of wine and to ensure the sustainable development of the wine sector. We encourage all attendees to join us in this effort.