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Wine in Moderation News
News from the Association


WiM Association Spring meetings in Mikulov, Czech Republic

WiM Association Spring meetings in Mikulov, Czech Republic

On 29-30 May 2024, WiM Association held its annual Spring meetings in the beautiful region of South Moravia, Czech Republic. Kindly hosted by the National Wine Centre, our Czech National Coordinator, and with the presence of a great number of our members both in person and online, the meetings were a great opportunity to reconnect and exchange on the latest projects.

Highlights included the International Wine in Moderation Day, the second edition of the “Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health” Congress, which will take place in Rome in March 2025, as well as the new Responsible Service training, the digital version of which will soon be available to all professionals working with wine.

As always, our annual meetings are a great opportunity for members to present their latest projects and exchange best practices. We learned about the ways in which the Czech National Wine Centre, which joined Wine in Moderation in October 2022, has implemented the programme in the country, about the new social media strategy of our German National Coordinator, the Deutsche Weinakademie, giving voice to winemakers around Germany and also the impressive data observatory developed by our National Coordinator in France, Vin et Société.

Finally, we all had the opportunity to celebrate together the award received back in March by the Portuguese magazine Grandes Escolhas, which recognised Wine in Moderation as the organisation of the year, acknowledging more than 15 years of dedication to social responsibility in the wine sector.

Thank you to all our members for their tireless work and commitment and thank you to the Czech National Wine Centre for their great hospitality!