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Wine in Moderation News
Initiatives from Members


FIVIN to hold training sessions about moderate wine consumption

FIVIN to hold training sessions about moderate wine consumption

These training sessions, organised in collaboration with OIVE (Spanish Wine Interprofessional Organisation) as part of the partnership agreement between the two entities and the implementation of Wine in Moderation in Spain, aim to raise awareness about moderate wine consumption as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as well as about the risks associated with over-consumption, especially among young people.

The sessions are led by members of FIVIN's scientific committee. This year, ten training courses will be held in the provinces of Barcelona, Sevilla, Malaga, Girona, A Coruña, La Rioja, Vizcaya, Toledo, and Madrid.

Abencio Millán, director of the Escuela de Hostelería de La Rioja, stresses the importance of initiatives such as this Millán explains. "At our school, we highly value collaboration with entities such as FIVIN, which allow us to train our students in responsible wine consumption. Understanding the benefits of moderate wine consumption as well as the risks of alcohol abuse is essential for our future professionals to advise customers properly and promote a healthy lifestyle."

Through its collaboration with leading professionals in the fields of research and nutrition, FIVIN (Foundation for Wine and Nutrition Research) offers a comprehensive and up-to-date scientific perspective on the subject of moderate wine consumption.

However, although many scientific studies suggest that a moderate wine consumption can be beneficial when part of a balanced lifestyle, FIVIN's scientific committee always reminds that, this is not a sufficient reason for non-drinkers to start drinking for health reasons. Any study on wine and health is not a substitute for professional medical advice.