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Wine in Moderation News
Initiatives from Members


"A good wine can be served with anything, never without moderation"

"A good wine can be served with anything, never without moderation"

Started the 11th January 2021, the campaign "A good wine can be served with anything, never without moderation" , signed by the men and women of the vine and wine, will continue until the end of February.

Aimed at the general public, this campaign highlights the link between wine, food, and moderation through the promotion of 7 “foodista” profiles: Gastronomaniac, Veggie gourmand, Barbecue master, Street lover, Traditionista, Sweet beak and Aperitif lover.

Our eating habits have evolved to open up to other cultures and new flavours. Although the French have become completely food-oriented, the culture of wine remains a strong marker of living together in France.

To spread this message, the main tool of the campaign is a website where users can take the quiz "What kind of foodista are you? ", and discover their foodista profile(s) and what kind of moderate wine drinker they are. Depending on the result of the quiz, four food and wine pairing recommendations are then suggested, while also offering the possibility of discovering the other profiles and suggestions.

The values of the wine sector are embodied in a Manifesto of moderation, together with a guide to encourage the responsible and moderate consumption of wine.

With a distribution which is 100% digital, professionals of the sector are invited to widely share the campaign on all their social networks with the hashtag #FoodEtVin. Moreover, throughout the whole duration of the campaign, everyone will be invited to showcase their wines and regional specialities to flatter the palate of all foodies!