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Wine in Moderation launches new central website

Wine in Moderation launches new central website

Press Release – Brussels, 04 February 2021: Wine in Moderation is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new website (www.wineinmoderation.com). The new site features a modernised design with new functionalities and clear information to help consumers and professionals alike make well-informed decisions to enjoy wine in moderation and to encourage a sustainable culture of wine.

The new website brings together all the Wine in Moderation members and Supporters around one single platform available in no less than 12 languages* and which offers a nationally tailored message.

We are very excited to launch this new website which marks an important step in the implementation of our latest Brand Strategy” said Sandro Sartor, President of Wine in Moderation. “This new website not only presents a wealth of new content in a modern and fresh design, it also offers a brand-new platform for professionals and for all our members and Supporters around the world, where they will get an exclusive access to our services, materials and tools.”

Wine in Moderation’s new website has indeed been reviewed, building its information around five mains sections:

  • The culture of wine: where visitors will have the pleasure to discover the uniqueness of the wine culture, get tips on how to best organise their oenotourism trips, or even what the best way to organise a tasting is.
  • Moderation: where we present why wine should be enjoyed in a sustainable way by providing information such as who should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, wine and health, with specificities on the topics of wine and diet as well as calories, etc.
  • Our Community: a brand-new feature which will show all our members and supporters around the world on a dynamic map, giving visitors the possibility to zoom in and discover an “identity card” for every actor who has joined Wine in Moderation and who is committed to help their consumers make informed decisions when it comes to wine.
  • Professionals: a section specifically dedicated to professionals where we introduce the different ways in which one can get involved with Wine in Moderation and why it matters for the sector.
  • About us: and last but not least, a section where visitors will discover who is behind the social responsibility movement of the wine sector, our vision, missions and objectives and our story.

A long-standing project, this new website will offer a personalised visit depending on the country you’re from” said Nadia Frittella, Secretary General of the association. “The website’s news and events will be updated regularly offering visitors the possibility to check the events that are happening next to them. We are also particularly excited about our completely new Community Map which illustrates where on the globe our Supporters are and shows the important commitment of the wine sector towards a sustainable culture of wine”.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up to become a WiM Supporter if they are not one already! By doing so, not only will they show their commitment to encourage a moderate and responsible consumption of wine, they will also get access to our new platform for professionals where a wealth of tools and services will be at their disposal.


* The website is currently available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Swedish, and Greek. It will be updated in German, Hungarian and Russian shortly.