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Ruffino presents its 2021 Sustainability Report

Ruffino presents its 2021 Sustainability Report

Last September 28, Ruffino officially presented its third Sustainability Report for the year 2021, hosting the presentation in Bagno a Ripoli, at the Poggio Casciano Estate, to further emphasize Ruffino's connection to its roots, to the territory and to the environmental and social context in which it operates, while still maintaining its global outlook.

The results reported in the Sustainability Report are divided into four macro chapters related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They testify the significant progress made so far in the wake of initiatives whose purpose goes beyond the concept of business itself and challenging objectives that the company has set for the coming years in the field of environmental, social and governance issues. Despite the period of overall variability, in fact, Ruffino maintains a solid certainty: the determination to pursue a strategy based on the responsible development of its business.

Sandro Sartor, president of Ruffino and Wine in Moderation emphasizes how the one of the historic Tuscan winery is a path of growth, in the name of principles that are first and foremost ethical and not just economic.

Responsibility towards the environment and responsible consumption not only of raw materials but also of the wine itself: in support of the program for years, Ruffino became a Wine in Moderation Ambassador Company in 2021, renewing and increasing its commitment to the promotion of a culture of conscious consumption and responsible drinking.

The association of Wine in Moderation is proud to count among its members virtuous companies, such as Ruffino, which deal with sustainability at 360° and contribute to the development of a sustainable culture of wine by setting an example, as leading companies, to all professionals involved in the wine industry.