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Noticias de Wine in Moderation
Iniciativas de los miembros


DWA holds a Wine in Moderation-Webinar with focus on wine advertising at the University of Geisenheim

DWA holds a Wine in Moderation-Webinar with focus on wine advertising at the University of Geisenheim

On July 6th Ursula Fradera, from the German Wine Academy (DWA), held a webinar "Wine advertising - in the political context" at the University of Geisenheim within the course module "World Wine Markets" tutored by Ms Barbara Richter (M.Sc., Institute of Wine and Beverage Management, Chair of International Marketing Management). The participation to the session was very active thanks to the interest of the students and their international background which led to a lively exchange where the audience discussed the different wine advertising restrictions in their home countries.

The most important decision-makers in the alcohol policy

Mrs. Fradera first introduced the most important decision-makers in the alcohol policy for the wine sector (the EU-Commission and the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG Santé) and the WHO-World Health Organisation). With the different policies sharing the common objective of reducing harmful alcohol consumption, it is reminded once more the importance of raising awareness and educating about responsible wine consumption.

Responsible communication over advertising bans

After the presentation of alcohol policies, which provided a context to the students, an overview onresponsible wine advertising was also on the agenda. Mrs. Fradera went through different national contexts highlighting their peculiarities and differences.

Representing DWA, our National Coordinator in Germany, Mrs. Fradera took the occasion to introduce to the students the Wine in Moderation programme. Wine in Moderation invites all its members to follow the “Wine Communication Standards”, a self-regulation document with a set of guidelines that support wine professionals in their responsible communication and advertising.

Responsible commercial communication is key to encourage a moderate and responsible consumption of wine.