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Plan your visit to a wine region

Plan your visit

Wine and culinary experiences have become a driver of destination choice for an increasing number of leisure travellers.

The popularity of oenotourism has indeed seen a continuous growth over the years and will continue to do so as experts believe that it is operating at only 20% of its potential and could easily double in the near future. Among the factors helping the movement to expand are “wine roads”, specialised itineraries through wine-producing regions, as well as annual events like Open Cellars in the spring, which draw millions of tourists to vineyards.

Aside from offering an opportunity to see where and how your favourite wine is made and discover different wines, oenotourism offers you a chance to learn about traditions and culture linked to winemaking and country life.

And although wine is the main focus, oenotourism also allows you to discover rural areas and their nature, sample other farm products, like olive oil, and feast on a variety of regional foods and cuisine. So, if you are a tourist eager to discover a wine region, the world is your oyster.

Discover how to make your wine experience the most enjoyable

Plan your itinerary, you might have a to pre-book a tour in your favourite winery.

Think about transportation: check if there are organised tours, call a taxi, rent a van with a driver, or designate a responsible driver among your group.

Don't be ashamed to spit: ask your guide to teach you, drink water to rinse your mouth in between wines and always keep a snack at hand.

You are pregnant, underage, or simply wish not to drink any wine, ask your tour guide for non-alcoholic options.

Planning a visit to a wine region? We have gathered a list of websites per country hereunder, for more information!