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A FEDERVINI foi fundada em 1917. Os seus membros são empresários em diferentes setores de bebidas alcoólicas (excluindo cerveja) e na indústria do vinagre, xarope e sumos. A Federvini é um membro fundador da Federalimentare, a Federação das associações comerciais nacionais no setor alimentar e, nessa qualidade, parte da Confindustria, a Confederação da Indústria Italiana.


Via Mentana, 2/B
00185 Roma

De 01/12/2015 a 31/05/2016
“Bere meglio” – a training aimed at the Italian HORECA sector
With education at the centre of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme, it is becoming an ever-growing priority for the wine sector to improve knowledge, and competences of wine professionals, to help them and their customers make well-informed, responsible choices compatible with a healthy lifestyle, and reducing the misuse and abuse of alc [...]
De 01/05/2013
Io Vivo Mediterraneo
Federvini communicates its active support towards responsible drinking through a digital platform - a Facebook page and a website. Facebook is used as a basis to improve dialogue with young adults and promote awareness of responsible drinking patterns represented by the Mediterranean Style. The weekly columns and daily posts follow various topics s [...]
De 01/04/2013
Federvini’s successful Drink Test App
Together with H3G-Tre Italia (the third Italian mobile company) & Fondazione Umberto Veronesi (Italian foundation dedicated to the widespread of scientific education and the support to scientific research), Federvini supported and promoted the launch of an app’ (for Iphone, Androïd, Windows Phone) that helps users learn more about their theo [...]
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