“Wise Drinking”: the first global App for responsible drinking

22 Maio 2014 - 01 Janeiro 1970


Pernod Ricard launched the first global mobile application to educate consumers about responsible drinking on May 22nd 2014. The app “Wise Drinking” is available in 37 languages and can be downloaded both on IPhone and Android. Users are given the opportunity to calculate the number of drinking units they have consumed taking into account the type of drink consumed (wine, spirit or other), its volume as well as other important data such as the user’s gender, weight and whether he/she has had anything to eat.

This mobile app also offers other very useful characteristics. In fact, a digital calendar included in the app enables the user to track its consumption of alcohol over a certain given period of up to four weeks. Moreover, the geolocalisation system that has also been introduced means that it adapts itself to the law of the country the user lives in and informs it about the nearest suitable means of transport.

Alexandre Ricard, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, said, “Pernod Ricard has been at the forefront of digital development for its brands. The Group is now using all its expertise in the field of collaborative and social communication to launch ‘Wise Drinking’, the first application to raise everyone’s awareness on responsible drinking”.

If you are curious about discovering this new app, download it and watch the video developed for the occasion: http://www.wise-drinking.com/


Download & Discover the new Wise Drinking APP

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