Wine in Moderation - a 2018 Retrospective

18 Dezembro 2018 - 01 Janeiro 1970


2018…a year we will certainly remember within Wine in Moderation! While we celebrated our 10 years anniversary, we also started planning the future of the programme, we have welcomed new members from new horizons, organised a great number of new and existing activities, increased our participation at international wine expos, etc. all making this year a unique year for Wine in Moderation.

As the Wine in Moderation Board said, celebrating an anniversary is always a great moment to think back on past achievements while looking towards the future. The “10-Years” campaign we launched in the occasion of our event in Reims, was indeed a great way to look back at all the activities that have been developed in the past, remembering where it all started and how we got this far. It was also important for us to celebrate our Members from around the world, honouring the great work they have achieved since 2008, the countless hours they have invested and their relentless commitment to encouraging the responsible and moderate consumption of wine. Check our animated video to discover the story of Wine in Moderation.

Nonetheless as we all know, after celebration comes work. The actors of Wine in Moderation therefore rolled up their sleeves and have initiated an important strategic exercise defining the future of the programme and outlining the key areas of action to continue encouraging a sustainable consumption of wine.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the important commitment of our Members and partners around the world. It was therefore a great pleasure for us to welcome a great number of new members this year, increasing our reach on the South American continent (Uruguay, Colombia & Brazil) but also welcoming new branches of the sector such as academics (Wine & Law Program - Reims), renewing Copa & Cogeca’s commitment and tying partnerships with important actors of the sector such as the internationally renowned Vinexpo and our long-standing ally FIVS.

We were also thrilled to join the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Affiliate membership programme confirming our strong engagement in the sustainable development of wine tourism; and our will to work on this important topic. Wine tourism has indeed been at the heart of our focus this year with presentations at the 10th Annual International Wine Tourism Conference, Exhibition & Workshop in Budapest, 3rd UNWTO Wine Tourism Conference, or the presentation of a paper at the 41st International Congress of Vine and Wine.

International wine expos were once again at the heart of our actions with an increased presence at ProWein, activities at Vinexpo and Vinitaly, presentation at the Bulk Wine and Spirits Show and other local fairs. Sessions and talks were organised, and a large number of bilateral meetings took place; reaching out to wineries and the broader wine sector to show the importance of the Wine in Moderation programme.

The continuous increase of WiM Supporters around the world also shows the commitment and great will of wine actors to promote and inspire a sustainable culture of wine, by putting simple actions in place and showing their belief in Wine in Moderation through the use of the protected Trademark. More than 500 wineries in Germany only joined the programme and received a Wine in Moderation implementation kit to support their action.

Inspiring campaigns were also developed and continued in Portugal (ACIBEV & AEVP) and the Netherlands, the Sommelier School of Lithuania has launched important initiatives since it joined Wine in Moderation in December 2017, the Spanish Wine Federation reinforced its Code of Commercial Communications extending it to the entire Spanish wine value chain; all showing the tireless efforts of both new and older members, partners and supporters to promote and inspire a sustainable culture of wine.

The fact that the Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan, congratulated Wine in Moderation for the important work done since the beginning or that Wine in Moderation was inducted by the Porto Wine Brotherhood was just the icing on the cake.

It is on these words that we say goodbye to 2018. After a very full and fulfilling year, we are all happy to take a relaxing break for the Christmas holidays to come back full of energy in 2019 and work on the future of Wine in Moderation!

All that remains now is to wish you great holidays and a happy 2019!

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