Wim encourages moderation on the radio

29 Novembro 2016 - 01 Janeiro 1970
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During a local radio broadcast named “Kijk op de samenleving'” or “Look at society”, Jannetta Wanders, the project manager responsible for the Dutch Wine in Moderation multichannel campaign “Wim over Wijn” gave an interview presenting the important CSR campaign but most and foremost explaining the main tips on how to enjoy a glass of wine in a moderate and responsible way.

Considering the increasing interest of consumers towards responsible and moderate consumption of wine and seeing the success of this first radio interview, KVNW will be looking towards participating at more local radio broadcasts in the coming year.

KVNW became the national coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in The Netherlands in 2015 and launched the Wim over Wijn campaign in the wake of its programme implementation. Built around the website wimoverwijn.nl, the campaign provides tips and tricks on responsible wine consumption and informs consumers on how to enjoy a glass of wine as part of a healthy lifestyle while warning them about the potential harm of alcohol-abuse. A friendly virtual person, named Wim (popular Dutch name), passes on the message in a fun and interactive way.

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