Wim continues his online campaign

22 Outubro 2018 - 01 Janeiro 1970


When browsing Facebook in The Netherlands, you might come across Wim. But who is he? This friendly character is the face of the Wine in Moderation Programme and has been providing simple tips and tricks to wine consumers since he came to life in 2015.

With the aim of reaching more consumers, an online campaign was launched in August and will be running until January 2019. The Wim tips can be seen in the usual way, but they will also respond to current events or a specific time of the year such as “Movember”, “Santa Claus”, “New Year's Eve”, etc.

Assessing the responses and feedback after the initial posts, KVNW also decided to answer the questions consumers often ask themselves when it comes to wine. A new menu button was therefore added to the Wim over Wijn website; “About Wine” where trending questions are covered, for example: the difference between a cork and a screw cap.

~150.000 consumers are reached every week; with young adults, adults and experienced drinkers as main target groups. The best posts are identified and adapted to reach even more consumers, thus using the budget as effectively as possible.

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