Vin et Société launches multichannel national campaign on drinking guidelines

06 Dezembro 2015 - 01 Janeiro 1970
Local: Paris, France
Organizador: Vin et Société

País: France

Vin & Société launched their first public information campaign on drinking guidelines earlier this month. With the ambition to inform the consumer about safe levels of drinking and excessive consumption, this campaign will last several weeks combining social media (#Vindomptables); an information page on the association’s website; and presence in regional press online, on general news sites and on dedicated sites about gastronomy, art and culture. 500,000 leaflet on responsible consumption will also be published.

The multichannel campaign, called “Wine, I love it and respect it”, builds around four ads, 4 visuals featuring white wine, red wine, rosé and sparkling wines.

Imagined as ambassadors, these grapes embody good manners in the self-respect of others and the product. "Loving the wine, is also having a grain of reason" is their creed.

The Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme works to encourage moderation and responsibility in wine drinking as a cultural and social norm, safeguarding the central place of wine in the gastronomic and cultural heritage of our societies while preventing and reducing alcohol abuse and the related harm. This is also achieved through information campaigns similar to this one, planned and developed by the WIM Programme national coordinators in collaboration with other national stakeholders and which respect the different legislative restrictions as well as the culture and traditions of each country.

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