The Wine in Moderation implementation report 2011-2013 is now ready and available online!

08 Julho 2014 - 01 Janeiro 1970
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We are happy to announce that the Wine in Moderation Programme implementation report 2011-2013 is now available online!

This report which acts as a window to Wine in Moderation's three year journey is an excellent opportunity to share the efforts, results and impact of the Wine in Moderation programme. Starting with a brief explanation of the Wine in Moderation Programme and its commitment to the European Alcohol and Health Forum, the report then provides a clear understanding on WIM achievements during the period 2011-2013 with fresh infographics on Key Performance Indicators and short summaries per area action by the WiM Association, the WiM National Coordinators and the WIM Ambassador Companies in more than 20 countries all over the world.

A large number of success stories are also presented giving the reader the opportunity to know more about the different events and actions developed by WiM members.

But we will not tell you more. We encourage you to have a look at this very interesting and informative implementation report which gathers a large wealth of information about Wine in Moderation.

To go through the report, click here.

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