The Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme continues growing in Spain

15 Abril 2014 - 01 Janeiro 1970


Over the last month, the Spanish Federation of Wine (FEV) and the Wine and Nutrition Research Foundation (FIVIN) have formalised two new commitment adhesions to the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre (WIM) programme.

On May 27th, the “Schools of Hospitality Business National Association” (Asociación de Escuelas de Hostelería, in Spanish) joined the programme during its VI National Forum in Toledo. The Association that brings together Spanish Hospitality Schools share certain criteria of excellence and teaching responsibility, and ensure hospitality and hotel quality training. As an association that involves educational institutions, it is of the highest importance that they have agreed to spread the message of WIM not only to society but also to the students.

In April, the wine route “Montilla-Moriles” (south of Spain) also joined the programme during the celebration of XXXI Wine Taste “Montilla-Moriles”. It has committed to the WIM principles and accepted the compromise to spread the main message of moderation in all its activities.

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