The Spanish Wine Federation launches TRIVINO, an online game about wine

01 Agosto 2014 - 01 Janeiro 1970


As part of the campaign “Quien Sabe Beber Sabe Vivir”, initiated in 2012, FEV - the Spanish Wine Federation - has recently launched the first online game about wine called TRIVINO. The game is available on the www.quiensabebebersabevivir.es website and it can also be played on smartphones and tablets.

This game of questions and answers aims to increase knowledge about the world of wine in many different areas: grape varieties, protected designations of origin, characteristics and types of wine, tips on how to serve and consume, aromas, tasting, tastes, curiosities, etc.

TRIVINO wants to promote greater awareness on the world of wine from an entertaining approach, reporting on production areas, varieties and, of course, patterns of responsible and moderate consumption, central goal of the campaign.

The very simple game allows players to save their session and continue later. This gives them the opportunity to take the time to look for answers, to finally complete the 10 levels of the game. All those who answer correctly the 100 questions of TRIVINO will have the chance to win an Aromaster box, a luxurious aromas case that offers an impressive selection of wine fragrances for tuning the smell while playing with family and friends.

Since it was officially launched on August 1st, over 1000 people have played TRIVINO, and many have successfully completed all 10 levels of the game.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try, it’s an excellent opportunity to have fun and learn more about wine and responsible consumption anytime and anywhere!

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