Spain launches campaign to promote new Wine in Moderation logo

30 Março 2020 - 01 Janeiro 1970
Organizador: Federación Española del Vino - FEV

País: Spain

Following the update of the logo by Wine in Moderation, the Spanish Wine Interprofessional Organisation also revised the Spanish Wine Commercial Communication Code affecting the commercial communications for all national operators. This self-regulation code aims to ensure that commercial communications in the wine sector are responsible to society and advocate moderate consumption.

The new Code of Commercial Communication for Wine, which contains information on the new logos came into force from April 1st. All entities who adhere to the Code will be required to modify their materials with the new logos (update website, advertising and other communication tools). Nevertheless, an adaptation period is established until the end of this year.

The "Self-regulation Wine Code" which came into force on January 1st, 2009 was made mandatory for all FEV company members, as well as for companies and entities who wished to follow them. Today, more than 500 companies, including wineries, organisations, media, associations and Regulating Councils fully apply and respect the Self-Regulation Wine Code, and the impacts of the Wine in Moderation message can be counted in millions.

For more information visit: www.interprofesionaldelvino.com/codigo-de-comunicacion-comercial-del-vino

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