'Sabes ser Moderado' reenlists for a second winter special

25 Dezembro 2018 - 01 Janeiro 1970


This Christmas season, citizens of the city of Porto in Portugal rediscovered the campaign “Sabes Ser Moderado”.

Similarly to previous years
, the campaign was developed around three areas of action: a Proximity Campaign, a Mobility Campaign and a Media Campaign diversifying their impact and reach; and aired between November 1st and December 31st, reaching 8 million impacts.

The Proximity Campaign
was built around an Awareness Campaign in the streets of Porto, mainly near bars. By distributing postcards, flyers and cup bases with a QR Code leading to the www.wineinmoderation.com website, AEVP gave tips on how to appreciate wine together with the drinking guidelines. 5.000 materials were distributed.

Mobility Campaign focused on bringing the messages closer to consumers using the city’s public transport. Panels and flags with the Wine in Moderation messages were placed in Portuguese trains; while the public buses of the city installed posters and showed the responsible message on electronic displays. And last but not least, metros played the campaign videos in the entire subway network.

The Media Campaign
concentrated on television, cinemas and outdoors advertising. The 20 seconds spots were played on three national TV channels and cinemas while the latter also included information in the weekly movies’ brochures. Outdoor advertising boards also displayed the campaign’s visuals with WiM messages in the main cities of Portugal.

AEVP launched the “Sabes ser Moderado?” campaign (Do you know how to be moderate?) in March 2017. The campaign stands out from other previous campaigns and was designed around new fresh and modern images, to reach a wider variety of wine consumers.

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