Responsible pairing : a trend set by a Michelin star restaurant

13 Janeiro 2018 - 01 Janeiro 1970


Initiated in Da Vinci, a Dutch Michelin Star restaurant, the W.I.M. Wine Arrangements emerged a year ago with the aim of helping consumers discover wine and food pairings with half glasses of wine to encourage a moderate consumption.

These arrangements were met with great enthusiasm by guests. A campaign was therefore launched in December 2017 to encourage other on trade entities to add a W.I.M. wine arrangement on their wine card, enabling consumers to enjoy delicious meals paired with the perfect wines.

Organised in cooperation with the Royal Dutch on trade organisation, the campaign is featured as an advertorial in their magazine, as well as through a banner on their homepage. A flyer was also distributed during the largest business to business on trade fair in the Netherlands, Horecava (66.444 visitors).

Expecting the new wine menus to be issued around Easter time, a consumer online campaign will also be launched around that time to encourage consumers to ask for a W.I.M. wine arrangement in restaurant also explaining the importance of moderate consumption.

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