Pernod Ricard renews partnership with Erasmus - Program students to promote responsible drinking

23 Janeiro 2018 - 01 Janeiro 1970


Pernod Ricard renewed its partnership with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in presence of CEO Alexandre Ricard, for the eighth consecutive year. The agreement, signed in Brussels last 24 January, aims to encourage moderate alcohol consumption among Erasmus students around the European Union.

Already successfully rolled out in 32 countries, this initiative has enabled the organisation of more than 580 responsible parties during which member students of the ESN network provided specific advice on responsible drinking and offered them water. The programme has already reached 367,000 students.

An independent external evaluation of the Responsible Party prevention program has highlighted the effectiveness of this initiative and the positive evolution of consumption practices among students. 61% of students interviewed indeed confirmed they changed their alcohol consumption habits.

The signing of the partnership was also the opportunity to take part in a debate held by Euractiv with European Commission representatives and ESN President João Pinto. Entitled "Smart prevention works – encouraging European students to embrace a responsible way of life" the debate allowed the Responsible Party program’s evaluation results to be analysed, and was also the opportunity for several ESN country representatives to introduce their national initiatives in more details.

As explained by Alexandre Ricard, “The partnership we renewed with ESN on the Responsible Party program is crucial for me. First, because it falls within Pernod Ricard’s unwavering policy in favour of an increasingly responsible and therefore convivial consumption; and second, because students are largely exposed to the risk of irresponsible consumption. The various signs suggesting a reduction in binge drinking at the European level are a result of effective actions like ours, which associates committed industry players with associations and NGOs around relevant and useful prevention projects.

Pernod Ricard Wine Affiliates
has been an important member of Wine in Moderation since the very beginning, implementing responsible and moderate wine consumption actions both internally and externally.

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