Mediterranean Diet & Health – a Nutritional Odyssey in Greece

17 Outubro 2017 - 01 Janeiro 1970


Leading scholars from Harvard and other American and European universities will be gathering from 16 to 20 October in Sani, Greece, for the experiential Mediterranean Diet & Health Conference.

For the first time ever, this unique conference will leave Harvard campus and travel to Greece to experience first-hand the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in a nutritional Odyssey. Wine in Moderation will be there to highlight the cultural heritage of wine and present the efforts of the wine sector to safeguard moderate drinking patterns of wine and promote the balanced and healthy lifestyle of Mediterranean countries.

The conference is a unique combination of scientific presentations and Mediterranean lifestyle exploration, promoting knowledge, experience and dialogue.

In this spirit, a Wine Symposium supported by Wine in Moderation is organised to present the history, culture, role of wine in the Mediterranean Diet and to experience a culture of appreciation and harmony.

Characterised as one of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean diet has fascinated the public since it became famous more than a decade ago. First publicised by an American doctor stationed in Italy during World War II, the diet became famous after a Harvard study was published in 1995, and researchers have been studying it since then.

The popularity of the diet has however raised some questions that the Mediterranean Diet & Health conference will aim to answer. For example: Is it the diet of all the Mediterranean or certain areas? How much fish are you supposed to eat? Etc. Leading international experts of the Mediterranean diet*, many of whom participated in the development of the very first Mediterranean Diet pyramid, will share their knowledge and expertise to answer these questions.

As mentioned by Keynote speaker of the conference Walter Willett, MD, DrPH, Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health "The traditional Mediterranean Diet is the world’s most well documented eating pattern for promoting a long and healthy life. Understanding the elements of this diet can help us, and our families, survive today’s toxic food environment. Experiencing this diet, delicious as well as healthy, in its homeland is an unforgettable experience."

For more information about the conference, the programme, how to register, etc. we invite you to visit the conference website.

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