Ibravin launches online training in Brazil

20 Março 2019 - 01 Janeiro 1970


IBRAVIN recently launched a new online training “Qualidade na Taça” (or "Quality in a glass") aimed at professionals of the HORECA sector and new potential entrepreneurs. The course started on 20 March.

4,100 professionals will have the opportunity to enroll in the training. Most of the openings (3,500) are reserved for workers and potential entrepreneurs from Brazil while the remaining ones (600) are exclusively kept for professionals from 32 touristic cities active in bars and restaurants.

The eight hours of qualification which constitute the training, are divided into eight video-lessons, with the advice of national sommelier Silvia Mascella Rosa. The students, who can access the training on the day and hour of their choosing, will learn more about Brazil’s wine history, the wine market, the Wine in Moderation movement, wine and health, food and wine pairing, category management in restaurants, etc. In addition to the online training, professionals active in touristic cities will also be offered to attend face to face classes.

Participants watching more than 70% of the video lessons, who complete the quizzes and achieve at least 70% performance will receive an online course certificate.

Oscar Ló, President of Ibravin explains, "the Qualidade na Taça aims to increase participants’ awareness and knowledge about the culture of wine while empowering new enterprises and professionals with the necessary knowledge to present Brazilian wines”.

The training was developed in partnership with the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae). João Henrique de Almeida Sousa, Sebrae President commented "It is estimated that in Brazil there are 1,100 wineries, 90% of which are micro and small enterprises.” And continued “about 20,000 people are involved in this segment. Strategic alliances therefore boost our performance and promote the competitiveness of small businesses throughout the production chain".

Interested in this training? Get more information and register on the project page www.qualidadenataca.vinhosdobrasil.com.br.

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