Fête de la Gastronomie and Master of Port like moderation

27 Setembro 2015 - 28 Setembro 2015
Local: Paris, France
Organizador: Fédération Française des vins d'Apéritif

País: France

The second edition of "Aperitif Wine: Heritage and Gastronomy" took place alongside the now traditional Master of Port in Paris last 27 and 28 September.

“Aperitif Wine: Heritage and Gastronomy"

Acting as the closing event of the Gastronomy Festival which takes place every year at the end of September, the event “Aperitif Wine: Heritage and Gastronomy" aimed at showing the visitors the culinary and traditional richness of French cuisine accompanied by a selection of aperitif wines.

Located in the Parisian Museum of wine, the event was a perfect opportunity to discover aperitif wines in an educational and cultural location. The Museum of Wine pays tribute to generations of winemakers, cellar masters, oenologists and coopers presenting their crafts and traditions, and making visitors discover objects that are part of today’s heritage.

If history of aperitif wines dates back to ancient times, the aperitif now occupies the first sequence of French meals listed as Intangible Unesco Heritage. The aperitif is indeed a privileged moment in France, and from its origins to today, it has always been linked to gastronomy where the notion of pleasure and moderation is dominating.

Master of Port

Launched in 1988 with the technical support of the Union of the French Sommelier, the Master of the Port aims to honor the Sommeliers with extensive knowledge and appreciation for Port Wine.

Recognised as one of the largest in the industry, this competition is the road to the Best Sommelier of Europe and the World’s Best Sommelier competition.

The sum of knowledge necessary for the proper practice of his profession entails the sommelier on skill areas of great diversity: from history to geography, through ampelography (knowledge of grape varieties), geology but also the legislation on drinks or the concepts of oenology, etc.

This year, the Festival was surrounded by the members of the Syndicat des Grandes Marques Porto and Wine Institute of Douro and Porto to highlight the talent of sommeliers candidates in the contest Master of Port and saw Denis Verneau, Master Sommelier in Lyon win the contest.

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