Charter of wine for French wine clubs recognised by the French President

22 Fevereiro 2020 - 01 Março 2020
Organizador: Vin et Société

País: France

In 2017, Vin & Société initiated the development of a charter for wine clubs in higher education institutions. This charter lists good tasting practices (free water, spittoons, etc.) and allows students to learn about the rules applicable to the creation and sustainability of an oenological club within their institution.

The charter currently has 12 co-signatory clubs. Vin & Société undertakes to make available to these oenological clubs documentation on the discovery of vines and wine as well as on responsible consumption, spittoons, but also offers preferential prices for the purchase of breathalysers.

In the occasion of the 2020 Agriculture Expo, students were invited to the Wine Pavilion by the sector to present the charter to the French President Emmanuel Macron, who was receptive to this initiative and invited the students to the Elysée Palace to take part in a wine tasting in the presence of the Elysée Palace's sommelier, Virginie Routis.

Since January, the charter has also been carried by an ambassador who is none other than Charlotte Guyot, crowned Best Young Sommelier in France in 2019 at the age of 24. Guyot wishes to pass on to wine clubs her commitment to moderate wine consumption and her passion for the art of wine tasting.

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