Armenian wines get a glimpse of Wine in Moderation

22 Outubro 2018 - 01 Janeiro 1970


A delegation from the Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia (VWFA), visited Spain last week to learn more about the Spanish wine sector, its associative structure, its work priorities and Wine in Moderation.

The Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) welcomed this visit and prepared a work program in which, among others, it took the time to present to the Armenian delegation its vision on the importance of social responsibility and the protection of moderate wine consumption through the Wine in Moderation programme for the future of the sector in Spain, Europe and the world.

In this sense, they encouraged VWFA to join the movement and explained FEV’s role as national coordinator in Spain and the different activities carried out within the framework of the Wine in Moderation programme, with a special focus on the development of the Commercial Communications Code under the principles of the Wine Communication Standards or the information campaign "Who knows how to drink, knows how to live", both good examples of collaboration between the private sector and public authorities.

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