Argentina and Chile organise international Wine in Moderation Forums: an important occasion to spread our message and involve the local wine sector

03 Julho 2020 - 03 Julho 2020
Organizador: Bodegas de Argentina
Vinos de Chile

País: Argentina

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we have rediscovered digital communications. Working from home has opened up numerous possibilities to connect, crossing borders and oceans without leaving the comfort of our own houses. The cancelling of events and meetings have led us to organise new types of gatherings, and it is in this frame that Bodegas de Argentina and Vinos de Chile confirm their active involvement in spreading the Wine in Moderation Programme and message in their respective countries by organising two online Wine in Moderation International Forums.

With the aim to inform and update their constituencies about the social responsibility of the wine sector, Bodegas de Argentina and Vinos de Chile decided to put together an online webinar inviting the wine sector of each country to take conscience and act. Several active members of the Wine in Moderation network were invited to present the programme, their actions and more specifically how they have implemented Wine in Moderation in the various countries, showing the large variety of possible actions.

Speakers included Nadia Frittella, Secretary General of the WiM Association who introduced Wine in Moderation; George Sandeman, President of the Association, representing Sogrape Vinhos, who explained how a large group such as Sogrape Vinhos has implemented the program; Eduardo de Diego from the Federación Española del Vino, who shared the Spanish experience on self-regulation showing how the Spanish wine sector has adopted Wine in Moderation in all its communication; Patricio Parra, from Vinos de Chile, who presented the Chilean activities within the Wine in Moderation Programme, and Ursula Fradera from the Deutsche Weinakademie who introduced how they managed to get a great part of the German wine sector involved in the programme and actively sharing the Wine in Moderation message both in their wineries and through their communication activities.

Both Forums proved very successful with 40 Argentinian wineries and experts joining the first International Forum on Responsible Consumption of Bodegas de Argentina on June 19th and more than 100 Chilean wineries joining the Wine in Moderation International Forum organised by Vinos de Chile on June 25th. The audiences showed great interest in the topics and in Wine in Moderation, actively participating and interacting with the speakers with thoughtful questions on how they can take complete ownership of the programme.

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