And the 2018 Wim over wijn award goes to...

11 Janeiro 2018 - 01 Janeiro 1970


Amsterdam – Ronald Giphart and Harold Hamersma receive 2018 Wim over wijn award for the television programme “The white, rosé and red trip through the USA”* aired on Kitchen 24, a Dutch TV channel fully dedicated to food & lifestyle.

A writer and a wine journalist, Ronald Giphart and Harold Hamersma spent some time travelling through the hills of California, visiting American vineyards enjoying the art of wine drinking and gastronomy and also gave special attention to moderate wine consumption, wine culture, and wine and food, becoming real Wine in Moderation ambassadors.

Part of the Dutch campaign, Wim over Wijn, the award is handed out once a year to the Dutch Wine in Moderation personality(ies) of the year. This year, it was presented to the winners in the occasion of the Horecava on trade fair which took place in Amsterdam, from 8 to 11 of January.

*Translated from the Dutch: ‘De Wit, rosé en roodtrip door de USA’
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