A month about responsible consumption – it starts in September

24 Agosto 2015 - 01 Janeiro 1970


In the frame of their new agreement signed last July, Bodegas of Argentina and the National Institue of Vitiviniculture (INV) have established a responsible consumption action plan, defining several activities and events to strengthen and disseminate the responsible consumption message throughout the Argentinian wine sector.

The “Responsible Consumption Month” is one the great activities organised in the frame of this partnership. Four main actions will be developed in Mendoza during September together with the INV, Bodegas de Argentina and Universidad de Cuyo to spread the WIM message of moderation to consumers:

  • Campaign in cinemas: WIM videos will be shown in cinemas in Mendoza during the whole month.
  • Events: Wine in Moderation brochures, leaflets, and banners will be present at the event “Tangos por los Caminos del Vino” together with Danone Argentina that will distribute mineral water to all participants.
  • WIM Workshop: On the 8th of September, Bodegas of Argentina will organise a workshop “Cómo implementar las herramientas del programa en tu empresa” for Wineries, Companies and Institutions to work together and put a focus on relevant points surrounding the concept of responsible consumption. The workshop will be supported by the INV, UnCuyo, Moet Hennessy Argentina, Grupo Peñaflor and Pernod-Ricard Argentina.
  • Call to action in nightclubs: With the support of the INV, a number of nightclubs based in Mendoza will showcase WIM videos during the evening to raise young people’s awareness on alcohol related harm.

Bodegas of Argentina and the National Institue of Vitiviniculture signed their Partnership agreement last July to encourage and further communicate the concept of responsible consumption as well as the guidelines for a moderate and responsible consumption of wine.

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