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Why join Wine in Moderation?

Whether you are a small or big winery, whether you are a wine professional working in marketing, wine tourism, or the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Wine in Moderation programme is for you!

Why join Wine in Moderation?

As the social responsibility movement of the wine sector, Wine in Moderation aims to provide information and tools to professionals to responsibly present wine and inspire consumers to fully enjoy wine and its culture in a healthy, positive, and convivial way.

By joining the Wine in Moderation programme, you will participate in a tangible and visible Corporate Social Responsibility programme

You will get access to a large number of tips and tools that will help you encourage the moderate and responsible consumption of wine

* All information and materials developed by the Wine in Moderation Secretariat are based on the latest scientific evidence.
  • A monthly newsletter with best practices, events, and everything you need to know about Wine in Moderation.
  • Access to a scientific database/website with last up to date scientific evidence and abstracts updated every month.
  • Access to training: training material and guidelines.
  • Follow the principles for responsible communication (Wine Communication Standards).
  • Social Media accounts & Social media strategies: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram.
  • Videos to present “Who we are” & “Moderate drinking guidelines”.
  • Implementation guides for national coordinators, wineries, etc.
  • Discover how to offer a Responsible Wine Tourism experience.
  • Show you are part of the movement: use the Wine in Moderation logo (registered TM) and stylebook, regulation/agreement of use, registration procedure.
Why join Wine in Moderation?

New tools are continuously developed and updated to fit the needs of our members and supporters.

Interested to join the movement and get access to these tools?

Interested to join the movement and get access to these tools?

Register and show your active commitment to a sustainable culture of wine!

Register as a Supporter