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How to say no: Vin & Société supports French supermarkets to implement ban on alcohol sales to under 18

 How to say no: Vin & Société supports French supermarkets to implement ban on alcohol sales to under 18

Prevention & Moderation (FFS, FFVA and Brasseurs de France) and Vin & Société have designed and developed a training kit for supermarkets staff aimed at promoting the correct application of the ban on the sale of alcohol to under-18. Carried out in collaboration with the FCD (Federation of Commerce and Distribution), LECLERC and INTERMARCHÉ, the initiative targets checkout staff, department heads and shop managers, as part of the prevention plan implemented by the sector.

The objectives of the module are to raise awareness on the challenges of the ban on alcohol sales to under-18 and to provide guidelines to avoid possible conflicting situations. To reach this aim, an awareness kit has been made available to stores. This kit consists s of:

  • an online training module: a video accompanied by 4 practical cases,
  • a poster, and
  • a memo card.

The stores will implement these tools at the start of the 2020 academic year through:

  • Training platforms specific to each company.
  • The internal digital resources of the shops: intranet, mobile learning, video projected in the recreational rooms.
  • And lastly they will also be used in the context of training courses.