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Wine in Moderation nieuws
Initiatieven van leden


AEVP launches new Wine in Moderation Brand Campaign

AEVP launches new Wine in Moderation Brand Campaign

AEVP - the Association of Port Wine Companies - has recently launched a multimedia awareness campaign to encourage a sustainable culture of wine while endorsing the new Wine in Moderation message and new Brand identity.

Built around the new message: CHOOSE, SHARE, CARE, the Portuguse campaign gives the following explanation:

  • Choosing a wine is fundamental in the whole process. Choosing wisely allows us to better understand the exclusivity of the product that is enjoyed and create a connection between the consumer and the product. The idea is that knowing the characteristics of the wine, the history and the tradition associated with it, the product will be more valued.
  • Sharing is the goal. Wine should be shared with friends and family and that it is also accompanied with food, not only because there are any number of possible harmonizations but also because accompanying a wine with the meal is how it is best enjoyed.
  • “Take care of yourself and those around you” is at the heart of the entire campaign. The consumption of wine should be done in a moderate way, respecting the product and its origin and especially the health of those who consume it and those around them.

The campaign is displayed through hundreds of outdoors posters spread across 40 cities in Portugal, in television ads, means of transport and online, with a strong focus on social media.