Top 10 Wine Poems

"Wine and poetry have long enjoyed a happy relationship, the one often fuelling the other. But while wine has served as a poet’s muse since time immemorial, a number of scribes have gone a step further and penned odes to wine, from English romantic poet Percy B. Shelley rhapsodising about the vine’s “kindling clusters” to Chilean poet Pablo Neruda describing wine as the “starry child of the earth with your feet of purple or topaz blood.”

Persian philosopher, astronomer and poet Omar Khayyam was so taken with the charms of the fermented grape that he dedicates a large number of his verses to the subject, where he extols the virtues of wine as a life force and something that should be enjoyed in order to make the most of our time “before we too into the dust descend.”

1: The Rubaiyat, Omar Khayyam

2: Ode to Wine, Pablo Neruda

3: The Soul of Wine, Charles Baudelaire

4: Song to Celia: Drink to me only, Ben Jonson

5: Sicilian Wine, Bayard Taylor

6: Wine: a vindication, Li Bai

7: Château Margaux, Francis Saltus Saltus

8: Intoxicated under the shadow of flowers, Li Qingzhao

9: The Vine-Shroud, Percy Bysshe Shelley

10: A Drinking Song, William Butler Yeats

Source: Drinks Business, Lucy Shaw, "TOP 10 WINE POEMS", published online 17 July 2014

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