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Wine in Moderation News
Initiatives from Members


Wine & Water – A partnership for responsible wine consumption

Wine & Water – A partnership for responsible wine consumption

The Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) and the three mineral water companies Fachingen Heil- und Mineralbrunnen GmbH / Birlenbach, Schwollener Sprudel GmbH & Co. KG / Schwollen, and SELTERS Mineralquelle Augusta Victoria GmbH / Löhnberg are convinced that wine and (mineral) water are the perfect combination.

Wine and (mineral) water - a perfect combination. Why?
For decades, professional wine tastings have included mineral water to neutralize the taste and to compensate the loss of water and electrolytes during/after a wine tasting.
Together with their new partners, the DWA would like to disseminate the message that water and wine not only combine well, but also belong together.

The combination of wine and water makes wine more digestible and avoids high blood alcohol levels.

Avoiding high blood alcohol levels (BAC) is extremely important. If the BAC rises above approximately 0.8 per mille, the alcohol is not metabolized as usual by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), instead the so called MEOS (mitochondrial ethanol oxidising system) system is activated which produces cell damaging free radicals.

Thus, it is important to prevent high BAC levels, alternating wine and (mineral) water can help to do this and at the same time enjoy wine in moderation.