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“Wine is cult! – a book about the evolution of Drinking Patterns by Dr. Rudolf Nickenig

“Wine is cult! – a book about the evolution of Drinking Patterns by Dr. Rudolf Nickenig

The evolution of drinking patterns in our societies is the main topic of Dr. Rudolf Nickenig’s latest book “Wine is cult! ("Wein ist Kult!)”.

Born in a winemaking family and with a PhD in nutrition, Dr. Nickenig shares his extensive knowledge about the consumption of wine, the history of wine and alcohol policy to address the important topic of wine in society and its ever-changing reputation. He examines wine consumption and how it relates to young people, women, seniors, physical activity, meals, etc. while always referring to the guidelines for a responsible consumption of wine advised by “Wine in Moderation”. The Wine in Moderation brand also made the book where the logo is present.

Dr. Nickenig is a well-known figure in the European and German wine world and a member of the Scientific Board of the Deutsche Weinakademie which will be publishing the book.