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Wine in Moderation News
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Wine in Moderation Day 2024 – SAVE THE DATE!

Wine in Moderation Day 2024 – SAVE THE DATE!

Friday, 8 November 2024 marks the second edition of the Wine in Moderation Day. With the campaign ‘The greatest wine: the one that you’ll remember’, WiM Association and its members and supporters from around the world hope to raise awareness of the importance of consuming wine in moderation while saying no to excesses, by stressing that only by appreciating the wine and consuming it with care will every occasion become memorable.

In 2023, the campaign was successfully launched in three pilot countries, Italy, Portugal and Spain, where our members and supporters carried out several activities: social media buzz, educational activities, advertising campaigns, conferences and events, partnerships with important stakeholders, etc.

This year we would like to invite all of you to participate with whatever resources you have at your disposal; even the smallest of actions can have a great impact.

So, pencil the date into your agendas and start planning ahead!

For more information about the campaign, visit our dedicated webpage and follow our social media accounts on InstagramLinkedIn and YouTube.