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Wine in Moderation News
News from the Association


Wine in Moderation - 2020 Retrospective

Wine in Moderation - 2020 Retrospective

It is safe to say, 2020 has not been an easy year. Many things overturned our lives, among which, the COVID-19 virus, which has challenged nations around the world, our health systems, the economic sectors and us individuals: for better or worse, 2020 is a year that will definitely be remembered.

However, we should always end the day with a positive thought: 2020 has demonstrated our strength and resilience, has shown that love is all around us – not to quote a famous movie – and has made us more conscious about the small things in life that we have always taken for granted.

During 2020 Wine in Moderation has also faced some challenges and taken some opportunities, and we will take the opportunity of this end of year to review what we have achieved this year and enter 2021 bringing with us the good moments, the ones that are worth remembering.

2020 has seen a number of changes with the people who lead the sector’s social responsibility movement. A new Secretary General was appointed in the person of Nadia Frittella and a new Board of Administration was elected: making 2020 a year of renewal in Wine in Moderation Association’s team.

With the advent of COVID-19 in the first months of 2020, so came the need to reinforce our message to encourage a moderate consumption of wine, and support wine professionals and consumers with positive and motivational words. In this frame, different social media campaigns were launched by Wine in Moderation, ASOVINOS, Bodegas de Argentina and Vin et Société.

Other campaigns also took place like the educational one “Good Wine” by HNT; an awareness campaign on alcohol consumption during pregnancy and a joint campaign with French Supermarkets for the ban to sell alcohol to under-age people, both by Vin & Société; and a promotional campaign by AEVP to introduce Wine in Moderation’s new Brand strategy.

New tools were also offered to wine professionals by our Members to help them with the understanding and implementation of the Loi Evin (Vin et Société) in France and the Spanish Wine Commercial Communication code (Interprofesional del Vino de España).

The Covid-19 may have forced us to stay home and cancel most of our travel plans, but it surely did not stop us from meeting and organising congresses. Thanks to our members, Wine in Moderation was indeed present in several wine expos and fairs around the world, most of them online. Among others: Essência do Vinho (ACIBEV) , Expo Vea Mendoza and Expo Vea Vendimia (Bodegas the Argentina), Expovinos Colombia.

Sustainable culture of wine and moderate consumption: topics that remained at the heart of initiatives organised by our members like the KVNW Symposium on wine as part of a healthy and responsible lifestyle, a webinar on Responsible Advertising by DWA, and last but not least the Wine in Moderation Forums organised by Bodegas de Argentina and Vinos the Chile, which focused on the Wine in Moderation programme and how to implement it at national level.

Our members’ great initiatives were also recognised with prizes: the Charter of wine for French wine clubs by Vin et Société was recognised by the French President Macron, while the Deutsche Weinakademie won the Promotional Gift Award with their Wine in Moderation breathalysers.

Lastly, as it has been the case since the launch of the Programme more than a decade ago, Science has been at the centre of all our actions this year more than ever. Three Scientific webinars were organised to put forward the latest scientific evidence on important topics related to wine and health. An initiative which will be continued in the coming years with new webinars organised throughout the year.

Last but not least, we would also like to say a few words for our outgoing Board, and more specifically Ursula Fradera and George Sandeman, two leaders who have helped shape Wine in Moderation from the moment it was only an idea, to the worldwide movement that it is today. Thank you for your great commitment to Wine in Moderation all these years. With this we also bid a warm welcome to our newly elected Board members, Mr. Sandro Sartor (Managing Director at Constellation Brands EMEA and Ruffino Winery and Vice-President of Unione Italiana Vini) who joins as President and Mr. Henrico van Lammeren (CEO at Vinites) as Vice-President, and Noélie Genevery, Moët Hennessy, who continues for a new mandate.

Looking back at 2020, we feel blessed having so many achievements to be thankful for. A year of challenges for sure, but also and especially of growth and innovation, that have laid the groundwork for exciting new projects which will be developed in the upcoming years. As George Sandman said at the closure of his mandate of President of Wine in Moderation: “The people change, but the vision remains strong, the purpose clear and the mission unwavering.

Although it will be different this year, we hope you will enjoy some well-deserved holidays and we wish you all the very bests for a happy 2021.