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Wine in Moderation News
Initiatives from Members


WIM & Friends of Glass: Pass the Bottle Campaign

WIM & Friends of Glass: Pass the Bottle Campaign

In 2011 and looking to enlarge the reach of the WIM message in the wider wine value chain, WIM signed a MoU with Friends of Glass. As part of the WIM partnership with FEVE and Friends of Glass (FoG), Wine in Moderation supported the FoG's Facebook recycling game called “Pass the Bottle". The Pass the Bottle Campaign used a Facebook game to bring people together to play and learn about environmental and social responsible behaviour in a funny and rewarding way and the “Wine in Moderation, Art de Vivre” message was featured in the campaign to spread the word about responsible drinking. The message was seen by thousands of visitors and made millions of impacts through different online and offline tools. In addition, Wine in Moderation and FOG have engraved more than 200 hundreds of glasses with their logo marking the limit of moderate consumption on the glass.