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Wine in Moderation News
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The Moscow International Wine Expo (MIWE)

The Moscow International Wine Expo (MIWE)

The Moscow International Wine Expo (MIWE) was officially started in 2011, as an internationally recognised professional communication and interaction space for wine industry specialists, winetraders, officials, journalists, consumers looking to reinforce wine as an integral part of national culture and traditions of wine-producing countries and regions and to promote healthy living and moderate and responsible wine and alcohol consumption. WIM was the official partner of the MIWE, supporting the promotion of responsibility and moderation by spreading the Wine in Moderation Common message through online tools, printed media and with a wide conference on wine health and social aspects issues. The communication of the WIM message, both in English and in Russian, was done on the official website and catalogue, and in hundreds of leaflets and brochures that were disseminated to the conference participants at the expo. The WIM message was further communicated in follow-up articles in generic and specialised media as well as during other events and actions.